January 25, 2021

Election of Bengal Olympic Association

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Election of Bengal Olympic Association

VVS RAO Former Director SAI

Recent elections of Bengal Olympic Association has brought many dedicated Sports promoter in B FC TVOA who have relentlessly promoted sports in Bengal inspite of many hurdles (25 years of misrule diverting youth from Sports field to rallies) with their tenacity, perseverance, dedication, devotion and commitment to bring back the past glory of Bengal.

It may be mentioned Bengal was first in many sports disciplines including Ultra-marathon swimming when Mihir Sen became the first Indian to swim across English Channel, the legendary Manohar Aich was the first Indian to become Mr Universe in his category, followed by Monotosh Roy.

Many National Sports Federations’ birth place is Bengal, be it Body Building, Boxing , Weightlifting, Table Tennis and Shri Gopinath Ghosh created history when Bengal hosted the first ever World Championship in 1971 in Netaji Subash Indoor Stadium.

Bengal was the first to introduce Bengal State Olympic Games to activate all its District Olympic Associations and hosted a large number of sports disciplines energising the sportspersons at grass root level.

However, the political scenario in Bengal pushed Bengal down the National Ranking in National Games and so much so that a very few get qualified for Olympic Games which was earlier studded with Bengal talents in most of the disciplines including in Hockey which was dominated by Punjab and others.

I am delighted to see the list of office bearers, many of whom are personally known to me because of their honesty, sincerity and commitment to promote their respective sports disciplines. I came in contact with Archery because of Bengal and I owe success in my career due to my services to Archery and due to my association with some of the finest world class Sports Administrators of Bengal.

I fervently appeal to the newly elected Office bearers of Bengal Olympic Association to set aside all political differences and as true spokesperson set aside race, religion, caste, creed or community and work hard to revive the rich sports culture of Bengal by reviving. once upon a time so famous for its ‘pada clubs’ Go to grass root pada clubs and arrange to help them to sustain their sporting activities to keep the children and youth on the right path and to bring glory for the State and the Country.

Wishing all Newly Elected Office Bearers of Bengal Olympic Association a grand successful tenure.

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